The ultimate in estate marketing... Bring your property to life!

If you have ever sold a house, you'll know that you need all the help you can get. It's incredible to think that although a property is one of the biggest things we ever sell, many people still make the mistake of scrimping on publicity and advertising. Using a snap shot from a mobile phone is not going present your valuable property in a light that encourages potential buyers.

Here at Video My House we can provide you as a homeowner, or as an Estate Agent, a range of visual advertising media that helps to make property stand out from the crowd.

And it's not just for mansions either. ANY property will benefit from professional imagery. Whether a first home or a family mansion, the investment is only around one third of one per cent of the property value. We all want the best deal when we sell - those likely to get it have the foresight to advertise wisely.

Videos. Panoramas. Photos. Plans.

HD Video

The ultimate selling tool. A polished video tour brings your property to life while being viewed from an armchair.




Panoramas enable the viewer to scan around different rooms of a property to give them a unique viewing.




A budget option that offers high quality imagery of your property to entice your potential buyer.




A fabulous way to show off your property's features allowing buyers to fully appreciate the house layout.



"90% of all properties are now found and sold using the internet..."

This is why it is so important to have professional imagery available for the property you wish to sell. From the vast choice of property for sale, how will yours stand out?


You are competing in a crowded market...


  Immerse your potential buyers in your property...  
    Professional Video Tour of the property  
    State of the art Panoramic views of rooms  
    Professional Photography  
    High quality Floor Plan of each floor  
    Arial & High Level Pictures  
    Give your property the best chance of enticing a buyer  








Who Is This For?

Video My House offers services to ...

Home Owners
Estate Agents
Property Agents

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Who Are We?

Video My House is part of Merlin Digital, a family run business based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.

Providing video, photographic and digital editing services throughout East Anglia.
We have a long history of producing high quality audio-visual media across a range wide range of subjects.
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